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Scarsdale has a Non-Partisan election system for the nomination of candidates for village offices. The system is administered by the Procedure Committee, which also administers the procedure for the election of qualified residents to serve on the Citizens Nominating Committee and, at times, recommends amendments to the Non-Partisan Resolution. A FAQ sheet explaining Scarsdale's Non-Partisan System can be found in the 2018 Procedure Committee Forms section of this website.

To run for a position on the Citizens Nominating Committee, a candidate submits a brief biographical information form and a nominating petition signed by ten qualified voters from his/her neighborhood. This year 16 qualified candidates submitted applications to become members of the CNC class of 2021.

Residents who are eligible voters are encouraged to vote in person or by mail-in ballot in the CNC election of CNC candidates and for proposed amendments to the Non-Partisan Resolution. This year the election is on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at Village Hall from 7-10 AM and 2-9 PM.

Please go to forms under the 2018 Procedure Committee tab to review the proposed amendments to the Non-Partisan Resolution -- they have been approved by the Procedure Committee and will appear on the November 13 ballot for ratification by Scarsdale's voters.

An updated Mail-In Ballot is now posted on the 2018 Forms page. Please Note: the deadline for submission of the Mail-In Ballot this year is on the ballot -- it must be received in the Procedure Committee mailbox, P.O. Box 284, Scarsdale, NY 10583 by or before election day on November 13, 2018. Any eligible Scarsdale voter may download their own mail in ballot and instructions from this website.

Following is detailed information on candidates running to represent your neighborhood on the 2018 Citizens Nominating Committee -- this information together with biographical information on each candidate will appear on the November 13, 2018 ballot and in a brocure mailed to each resident prior to the election.  The current members serving on the CNC are also listed below:














Candidates for



 Class of 2021


Sergi Flaster

Linda Killian

•Susan Douglass


•Richard Pinto

•Jill Spielberg



Jon Krisbergh


David Bunzel

Adam Rilander

Norbert Wolloch

Anne Zink

Larry Dobosh

Lee Fischman

Jen Premisler

•Karen Scheffler


Current CNC


By Class

 2019-Ryan Spicer

2020-Becky Bach

2020-Susan Duncan

 2019-Marc Greenwald

2019-Judy Wenjing Kerr

2020-Dara Gruenberg

2020-Steve Pass

 2019-Daniel Brown

 2019-Jon Leslie

 2020-Michelle      Lichtenberg

 2020-Adie Shore


2019-Peter Tesler

2020-Eric Lichtenstein

2019-Mary Beth Gose

2019-Ron Schulhof

2020-John Auerbacher

2020-Gabrielle Wise           







The Procedure Committee, the ad hoc committee of volunteers who administer the village nonpartisan election system, invitedScarsdale residents to run for election to the Citizens Nominating Committee (“CNC”). Members of the CNC play a direct role in interviewing, evaluating and selecting candidates who will be on the ballot for village elected offices, under the banner of the Scarsdale Citizens Non-Partisan Party in the March 19, 2019 general election. This unique system gives the community’s elected CNC representatives an opportunity to participate in Village civic affairs and to have their voices heard on who will govern at Village Hall.

The CNC plans to meet 5 or 6 times on Monday and/or Wednesday weekday evenings in November, December and January to nominate candidates for the positions of mayor and three trustees. The CNC  meeting dates for 2018-2019 are: Monday, November 26 (organization meeting); Wednesday, December 12; Wednesday, December 19, Wednesday, January 9, Wednesday, January 16,  and if necessary, Wednesday, January 23.

CNC members serve staggered three-year terms followed by one year on the Procedure Committee. From time to time vacancies open up for one-year or two-year terms. A candidate for the CNC must be a qualified voter (U.S. citizen and 18 years of age or older), and a resident of Scarsdale for at least two years. A CNC candidate may not simultaneously be a member of the Procedure Committee, the School Board Nominating Committee, the School Board Administrative Committee, the Scarsdale School Board or the Village Board of Trustees.

Residents in each of the five elementary school districts (Edgewood, Fox Meadow, Greenacres, Heathcote and Quaker Ridge) typically run for two available positions on the CNC in their districts. This year there are additional positions: for one-year terms to fill vacancies in Edgewood and Heathcote, and for a two year term to fill a newly opened vacancy in Heathcote.  Candidates only need to file a short biographical sketch and a Nominating Petition with 10 signatures of registered voters from their district. Forms and filing instructions for both may be downloaded from this Procedure Committee website at www.scarsdaleprocedurecommittee.org on the Forms>2018 Procedure Committee page. A FAQ sheet about the non-partisan system can also be found on this website. The vacancies this year create a unique opportunity for interested residents in Edgewood and Heathcote to serve shorter terms on the CNC, and in the case of one year terms, to run next year for a new 3-year term.

The deadline for filing both forms was Sunday September 30.  After this date, additional candidates would be accepted through October 7 only if there were fewer than two candidates for each position in that school district and candidates to fill the vacancies as mentioned above. This year's CNC election will be held at Village Hall on Tuesday November 13, 2018 at 7-10 am and 2-9 pm.

For more information about the Non-Partisan system for Village offices, the Procedure Committee, and the CNC, contact the Chair of the Procedure Committee, Madelaine Eppenstein, Fox Meadow, at meppenstein@eppenstein.com and 914-262-6656,  Vice Chair Eric Cheng, Edgewood, at chengchoi@optonline.net, or one of the current Procedure Committee members. They are: Charles Baltman; Sarah Bell; Eric Cheng; David Dembitzer; Madelaine Eppenstein; Timothy Foley; Jeff Goodwin; Mayra Kirkendall-Rodríguez; Eli Mattioli; David Peck; Pam Rubin; Gregory Soldatenko; Nancy Steinberg; Michelle Sterling; and Bruce Wells.


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Every year the Procedure Committee reviews the Non-Partisan Resolution which governs the non-partisan election system in Scarsdale and, when deemed appropriate, recommends amendments which then must be proposed to the public and approved by Scarsdale voters.

The Procedure Committee, the ad hoc group that administers the Non-Partisan election system in Scarsdale, invited all Scarsdale residents to help improve our unique system by commenting on proposed changes to its governing document, the Non-Partisan Resolution. August 31, 2018 was the deadline to send comments to Procedure Committee chair Madelaine Eppenstein and/or vice chair Eric Cheng (meppenstein@eppenstein.com; chengchoi@optonline.net). Please visit the PC’s website at http://www.scarsdaleprocedurecommittee.org/forms.php?parent=47  for an explanation of the proposed amendments and to review a copy of the current Non-Partisan Resolution marked to show proposed changes. Proposed amendments will appear on the ballot on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, when Scarsdale voters will simultaneously elect a new class of Citizens Nominating Committee members.

Because there is an election for open village offices each year, the Procedure Committee extends an invitation to voters to consider joining the Citizens Nominating Committee, whose purpose is to recruit, evaluate and select a non-partisan slate of candidates for the open village offices of mayor and  trustees, and village justice.  CNC elections are held in November each year, and elections for village offices are held in March each year. The CNC’s simple application materials, a brief biographical form and nominating petition, are also posted on this Procedure Committee website. This is the Scarsdale community's opportunity to have their voices heard on who will represent us at Village Hall and to participate in Village civic affairs.

This is a public service announcement from the members of the 2018 Procedure Committee, residents from each of Scarsdale’s five elementary school neighborhoods: Charles Baltman; Sarah Bell; Eric Cheng; David Dembitzer; Madelaine Eppenstein; Timothy Foley; Jeff Goodwin; Mayra Kirkendall-Rodríguez; Eli Mattioli; David Peck; Pam Rubin; Gregory Soldatenko; Nancy Steinberg; Michelle Sterling; and Bruce Wells.

Madelaine Eppenstein, Procedure Committee Chair
Eric Cheng, Procedure Committee Vice Chair

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