Welcome To The Scarsdale Procedure Committee Website


The Procedure Committee administers the procedure for the election of members to the Citizens Nominating Committee and, from time to time, recommends amendments to the Non-Partisan Resolution.

To run for a position on the CNC, a candidate submits a brief biographical information form and a nominating petition signed by ten qualified voters from his/her neighborhood.

Residents who are qualified voters may vote in person or by mail-in ballot in the CNC election for CNC candidates and proposed amendments to the Resolution on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at Village Hall from 7-10am and 2-9pm.

Please go to forms under the 2018 Committee tab for the 2018 CNC Biography form and 10-signature Nominating Petition form. An updated Mail-In Ballot will be posted on the same page. Note, the deadline for submission of these forms is September 30, 2018. See the CNC election calendar for other pertinent dates.

When all information on candidates running for the CNC is available, it will be posted to the candidates' section of this website.


Every year the Procedure Committee reviews the Non-Partisan Resolution which governs the non-partisan election system in Scarsdale and, when deemed appropriate, recommends amendments which then must be proposed to the public and approved by Scarsdale voters.

The Committee is proposing amendments which were posted on this website by or before June 1, 2018. Following a 90‐day public comment period, the Committee will consider the public comments received and make a determination on amendments that will appear on the ballot for approval by Scarsdale voters in the November 13, 2018 Citizens Nominating Committee Elections.

The proposed amendments and the entire text of the Non-Partisan Resolution, marked to indicate the proposed amendments, are in the forms section of this website under the 2018 Committee tab.


2018 Procedure Committee Members:

Charles Baltman; Sarah Bell; David Dembitzer; Eric Cheng; Madelaine Eppenstein; Timothy Foley; Jeff Goodwin; Mayra Kirkendall-Rodríguez; Eli Mattioli; David Peck; Richard Pinto; Pam Rubin; Gregory Soldatenko; Jill Spielberg; Nancy Steinberg; Michelle Sterling; and Bruce Wells

Madelaine Eppenstein, Procedure Committee Chair
Eric Cheng, Procedure Committee Vice Chair