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The nonpartisan election system for the nomination of candidates for Village offices has been a tradition in Scarsdale for many decades. The system is administered by the Procedure Committee, which also conducts the election of qualified residents to serve on the Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC), the group of Scarsdale volunteers who engage in a rigorous, annual process to select candidates for open Village offices. The Non-Partisan Resolution is the document that governs the system.

To run for a position on the 30-member CNC, a candidate submits a brief biographical information form and a nominating petition signed by ten qualified voters from his/her neighborhood.  The 2019 application packet including information about the nonpartisan system is posted here. (The application period closed on September 30, 2019.) The CNC's members represent all 5 elementary school neighborhoods: Edgewood, Fox Meadow, Greenacres, Heathcote and Quaker Ridge. Ten new members are typically elected to the CNC each November by qualified Scarsdale voters. 

The 2019 CNC election was held on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at Village Hall from 7 AM to 9 PM. The 2019 Election Brochure with the profiles of CNC candidates is here. The Mail-In Ballot for voters who did not plan on voting in person on November 12 is here.

These are the results of the November 12, 2019 CNC Election:

2019 Elected CNC Members, 3-year terms unless otherwise noted:
Edgewood: Christian Callaghan; Camille Roche
Fox Meadow: Susan Douglass; Amy Laartz
Greenacres: Elena Kanner; Michelle Sterling
Heathcote: Janet Han-Youm; Peri Zelig
Quaker Ridge: Neal Soss, 1-year term; Jay Wechsler; Omer Wiczyk

Votes by Election Unit, in person(mail-in ballots):
Edgewood         96        88 (8)
Fox Meadow      46        41 (5)
Greenacres        82       79 (3)
Heathcote          57       53 (4)
Quaker Ridge     87       75 (12)

CNC voting members now serving in the Class of 2020 are: Becky Bach, Susan Duncan, Dara Gruenberg, Steve Pass, Michelle Lichtenberg, Adie Shore, Eric Lichtenstein, Norbert (Bob) Wolloch, and Gabrielle Wise. CNC voting members now serving in the Class of 2021 are: Sergi Flaster, Linda Killian, Richard Pinto, Jill Spielberg, Alan Lewis, Jon Krisbergh, David Bunzel, Adam Rilander, Larry Dobosh, and Lee Fischman. The non-voting members of the CNC are Marc Greenwald, Chair and Ryan Spicer, Vice Chair.

The members of the 2019-2020 Procedure Committee are: Stephen Baer, Daniel Brown, Eric Cheng-Chair, Marie DiPalma, Madelaine Eppenstein, Sarit Fuchs-Vice Chair, Dan Gerardi, Judy Wenjing Kerr, Jon Leslie, Matt Martin, Barry Meiselman, BK Munguia, ML Perlman, Andrew Sereysky, Greg Soldatenko, Peter Tesler, Amber Yusuf, and Anne Zink.