Citizens Nominating Committee


The Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC) is responsible for nominating one candidate for each Village office (i.e., Mayor, Trustee, and Village Justice) where, that year, the incumbent's term ends. These candidates, running as the slate of the Citizens' Non-Partisan party, participate in the March Village election; those elected take office at the beginning of April.

The CNC is composed of thirty voting members and four non-voting members.

The non-voting members, residents of Scarsdale, are the President and Vice President of the TVCC, one representative designated by the TVCC from among its members, and one representative designated by the Chair of the Confederation of Scarsdale Neighborhood Presidents (SNAP) from among the directors and officers of qualified neighborhood associations.

The thirty voting members are elected for three-year terms. The terms are staggered. Each year two members from each of the five Non-Partisan Units (i.e., elementary school district) are elected to three-year terms. (From time-to-time more than two members may be elected to fill out any existing vacancies.)

The Citizen's Nominating Committee (CNC) invited Scarsdale residents and other interested persons to observe the initial portion of its Organization Meeting, which was held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 in the Third Floor Meeting Room at Scarsdale Village Hall. The initial portion of the meeting included presentations by the Scarsdale Mayor, certain Village Trustees whose second terms are expiring in 2018, discussion with respect to and voting upon the CNC’s rules of procedure, review of the responsibilities of the CNC and certain other matters.   That portion of the meeting was recorded and will be available for viewing on Scarsdale Public TV.  The CNC went into executive session after the public portion of the meeting concluded.

The CNC will meet in executive sessions later in December and in January in order to nominate qualified non-partisan candidates  for election to each open position on the Village Board of Trustees.  The CNC tries to get the best and most qualified Scarsdale citizens to serve our Village.

To see the voting members who are currently serving, please click here. The following are the non-voting members of the 2018-2019 CNC:

Chair Jon Mark

Vice-Chair Tim Foley

Representative of TVCC - TBD